Creating Users

note: videos are currently being updated

From the ‘Create a new user’ page located in the ‘users’ tab, you can create new users and assign their roles within specific sites. The amount of users you can make was defined when you purchased the system. If you wish to purchase additional users, please contact

Creating Users - Kafoodle Kitchen

Field Name Explanation
Enabled? Unchecking this box will disable this user. Prevent a user’s access without permanently deleting them by using this feature.
First name Enter the first name of your new user.
Surname Enter the surname of your new user
Email Assign an email address for your new user. This must be a real email address as a verification email will be sent. The user will not be activated until the invitation is accepted and a password set.
Confirm email Retype the email address for your new user.
User Level Assign a role to your new user. See the User Roles and Access section of this guide for detailed information on each user.
Sites Choose site(s) to assign new user to.