Adding or Creating an Ingredient

Create Ingredient - Kafoodle Kitchen

Field Name Explanation
List Select which list to add this recipe to.
Category Select the category from the drop down box that best describes this item.
Name Enter name of the product/item you are adding e.g. Tomato Sauce/Pastry
Brand Enter the brand name.
Allergens Select the allergens found in this ingredient.
Nutrition Add the nutrition values for this ingredient. This will allow you to use the ‘calculate’ function when creating a recipe.

Please note: if you update nutritional values for an ingredient, the new values will not take effect in the recipes which use that ingredient. To update the nutritional values for a recipe which uses the updated ingredient, go to the recipe edit screen and on the ‘Ingredients and Allergens’ tab click ‘Recalculate’ to pull in the updated nutritional values. If a recipe uses a sub-recipe that has an updated ingredient, you must use the recalculate feature to update the sub-recipe nutritional values first, then recalculate for the main recipe.

Costs & Conversions

From the cost tab you can add the supplier name, cost, wastage and conduct a conversion. The conversion tool allows you to specify a weight for ingredients measured by volume (ml, tbsp, cup) or quantity (each, clove). This means that you can select, for example, two cloves of garlic when creating your recipe and the equivalent weights will be used to calculate nutrition and pricing information.

Conversions are also useful if you intend to use volumetric units (ml, tsp, cup) for ingredients in your recipes as these need to be converted to mass units (g, lb, oz) so that the total weight of a recipe can be obtained. An accurate value for the recipe weight needs to be taken into account for nutrition calculations and so it is important to set up the conversions here first e.g. from 1 ml to 1 g. If you add an conversion to an ingredient which has already been added to a recipe, you’ll need to re-save the recipe to ensure the nutritional calculations are correctly updated with the new conversions.

Ingredient Cost - Kafoodle Kitchen

Field Name Explanation
Supplier Enter the supplier name. This can be used to filter searches on the list page.
Wastage Enter, if any, the wastage % for this ingredient. This should be used if the ingredient has a set wastage when it is prepared for any dish. If it undergoes additional wastage at a recipe level, you can enter that when you create your recipe.
Cost – Quantity Enter the quantity of this ingredient when purchased.
Cost – Unit Enter the unit of measurement for this ingredient.
Add Conversion Adding a conversion will allow you to specify the metric measurement for your imperial measurements. i.e 1 clove = 10 grams.
From – Qty Enter the quantity of the ingredient that you know the metric measurement for.
From – Unit Enter the unit of measurement that you are converting.
To – Qty Enter the quantity that the ingredient converts to.
To – Unit Enter the unit of measurement that the ingredient converts to.