What's new in version 1.7

Labelling Beta

We are releasing our first phase of labelling for beta testing. All users above staff members will be able to use the labelling feature to produce full nutrition labels for their recipes. You will find instructions on how to use the feature as well as a feedback form at the top of the labelling page.

Recipe Scaling

Using the recipe scaling feature, you can calculate the required quantities of each ingredient in your recipe for a specified serving.

Ingredients in Recipes

See which recipes each ingredient is used in. If the ingredient is in use, an orange bar will appear at the top of the ingredient. Selecting the link will show you all of the recipes that this ingredients is used in within your business. Note that only recipes which you are permissioned to see will display.

Datasheets link to recipe overview

Selecting a recipe name from your datasheets will now display the recipe overview. Users of any level will be able to view and print, but will not be able to navigate to the edit form or other recipes from the overview.

 Ingredient Clone

You can now clone any ingredient. Like recipes, each ingredient now has a clone button which will open an identical edit form. Make the required changes, including the name, and save as a copy to one of your business lists. You can use this functionality to clone Kafoodle provided ingredients.

Bug Fixes

Price Propagation.  Changing a price at ingredient level will now correctly propagate to any recipe that it is used in, and any recipes that contain that recipe.


HACCP correction. The generic Hot Holding / Reheating text now contains the correct temperatures.