User Hierarchy

Diagram 1:
Small business with one site. Users: 1 owner, 1 chef and 1 staff member

User hierarchy - diagram 1

The setup above is typical for a small restaurant or café, where the owner works within the site and does not employ a manager or supervisor. There are only three users in this example, the account holder, who is the user assigned to the owner upon signup, recipe administrator, which they may assign to the chef, and staff member, which they will assign to one of their staff to print out datasheets. The account holder in this circumstance would not need to assign a business administrator as they will be acting as both roles.

Diagram 2:
1 Operations manager, 2 chains, 4 sites including 4 head chefs and 4 staff members.

User hierarchy - diagram 2

In this scenario we have demonstrated how a business with 4 sites may wish to set up their users. First, the owner will have the account holder user, as assigned on signup. Then a business administrator user will be assigned to the managers of the chains. Beneath them are the four site administrator users, each assigned to the manager of the individual sites. Under each site are the recipe administrator and staff member users that will be assigned to the head chefs and staff.