The Home Screen

Home screen - Kafoodle Kitchen

Field Name Explanation
Sites From this page, you can create new sites or edit existing sites.
Users From this page, you can create new users, or edit existing users.
Ingredients From this page, you can create new ingredients, or edit existing ingredients.
Recipes From this page, you can create new recipes, or edit existing recipes.
Menus From this page, you can create new menus or edit existing menus. From this page, you can also access the manage menus , displayed menus tabs, menu sorting, menu groups and meal planning.
Datasheets View and print detailed allergen and nutritional information on all recipes.
Ingredient Substitutions Substitute ingredients allow you to replace a current ingredient or product within your recipes with a different one. You can also view previous substitutions from this page.
Allergen datasheet You’ll see your recipes in a more familiar table format with an overview of the allergens in your dishes. You can use filters to quickly find the dishes you want.
Nutrition datasheet See an overview of the nutritional value of your recipes in an easy-to-read chart format.
Limit to… If you have multiple sites you can select a particular one from here and it will limit items to those visible in that particular site.
Notifications Whenever we make changes or updates to the system we will inform you via the notifications tab. We also bring you allergen alerts through this tab.
Home Navigate back to the home screen (above) at any time by clicking on the home button. Clicking the ‘Kafoodle Kitchen’ logo will also bring you back to the home screen.
User Menu Found next to the home button. Access your business’ sites, users, profile details, audit logs as well as different contact and support options. You can also change your password or log out from here.
CMS (Content management system)* Provides access to the CMS allowing you to configure and personalize your own mobile application.
Lite* Provides access to Kafoodle Lite that enables you to digitise your allergens.

*  If this field is not visible, please check that it is included in your Kafoodle package.