Manage Lists

Setting up your recipes and ingredients lists

‘Manage recipe lists’ is located in the drop-down next to the ‘New’ button on your recipe page, and ‘Manage ingredients lists’ can be accessed via the button above the lists column on the ingredients page.

We have given you access to our Kafoodle ingredients lists already which you can choose to show or hide. We have also created for you, your business recipes and business ingredients lists for you to get started.

You can create new lists, or edit the existing ones using the edit button.

Use lists to group ingredients and recipes in your business, for example you may want set up lists for different sites. When adding ingredients or recipes to a new recipe, you’ll see that items are organised into lists.

Ingredient Lists - Kafoodle Kitchen

Field Name Explanation
Name Search for a list by name.
+ New Create a new list for your business.
On/Off Toggle Choose whether to display or hide this list from your business.
Edit Edit this list, or delete it using the arrow next to this button.

Create List

When you create a list you can choose which site(s) it is available to. Once you have created a list you will be able to assign a recipe or ingredient to it when creating them. You can then choose to make this list available to your business from the manage lists page.

Create List - Kafoodle Kitchen

Field Name Explanation
Name Enter a name for your new list.
Share type Make this visible to all businesses or your specific business only.

Ingredient Lists

A number of Kafoodle Ingredient Lists are available for use. All Kafoodle lists contain allergen and / or nutrition data needed to meet your compliance requirements.

The following lists are enabled by default:

  • Kafoodle Example ingredients
    These ingredients contain allergen, nutrition and pricing data and are intended for use during training and familiarisation only and are NOT intended for use within ‘live’ recipes.

The following lists can be enabled (or disabled) by each business:

  • Bidvest Ingredients
    8000+ ingredients containing allergen and nutrition data from the Bidvest FoodService.
  • McCance and Widdowson’s
    Drawn directly from the most recent McCance and Widdowson (M&W) nutritional dataset and complemented by the addition of allergens, this data shows common raw ingredients in a range of cooked and uncooked states. Please Note: Where nutrition values are not present in the M&W data, then Kafoodle may show the message “That ingredient may not have sufficient nutritional information to display an accurate calculation”.
  • General Ingredients
    General Ingredients list over 10,000 ingredients with their respective allergens.