Creating Recipes


When creating recipes in Kafoodle Kitchen, you are given the ability to create a full Recipe Overview which can be saved to PDF or printed from the system.

As well as just the basic recipe information, you can enter its ingredients and allergens, the method for creating the recipe and specify its HACCP.

You can also view the audit trail for this menu via the history tab to see what changes were made, when and by which users.


From this tab you fill in the basic information on the recipe.

Recipe Description - Kafoodle Kitchen

Field Name Explanation
Select Site Selecting a site from this dropdown will implement the pre-set values for Target GP, Plate cost and VAT rate, as well as which currency is used.
List Select which list to add this recipe to.
Name Enter the name of the recipe that you are creating e.g. Chips, Caesar Salad.
Reference Use this field for internal referencing. (For example what date the menu entered in the system and by whom).
Description How would you describe the recipe on your menu? e.g. ‘Homemade Tomato Soup with Crusty Bread and Butter’.
Tags Select multiple tags to assign to this recipe. Users of the Kafoodle App will be able to filter their results by chosen tags.
Photo Select a photo from your device to set as the recipe picture. This will appear on the Kafoodle app when customers view your menus.
Locked Tick this box to prevent changes to this recipe by anyone except business administrators.

Ingredients and Allergens

From this tab, add your ingredients and specify the weights and measurements. Choosing an ingredient which has its allergens and nutrition content attached makes it easy to display this information to the customer. Each ingredient in our database is checked for any of the 14 allergens that you must display. Make sure to check any ingredients that you add yourself. This information will be displayed on your datasheets and menus if you choose to show it. The weights and measurements of ingredients is used to calculate nutrition and can be shown on your recipe overview.

Creating Recipes - Ingredients & Allergens - Kafoodle Kitchen

Field Name Explanation
Ingredient Drop Down Add all the ingredients or recipes used within this recipe, remembering to include ingredients such as those used whilst cooking e.g. Sunflower oil, Salt and Pepper. If there are allergens in these ingredients they will show on the right hand side.
Qty Enter the quantity of the ingredient you use in this recipe.
Unit Select which unit this ingredient is measured in.
Supply Cost This field will auto fill if you have entered a price at the ingredient level. If you have not entered a price for this ingredient, you will have to do so on the list ingredient page.
Wastage This field will auto fill if you have entered the percentage at the ingredient level. If you have not, or you want to change it, you can do so here.
Total Cost The total cost is the Supply Cost calculated against the wastage percentage.
Minus Button This button will delete this ingredient from your recipe.
Add Ingredient To add another ingredient to your recipe, select this button and a new box will appear above. * See Adding Ingredients to your recipe below for more details.
Create new Ingredient When adding ingredients to your recipe you may find that the ingredient is not on the database, In this circumstance you can add or create the ingredient here. * See Adding ingredients to your recipe below for more details.
Allergens If you do not wish to show ingredients, you can just select the allergens that are present in your recipe. You can select multiple allergens from this drop down menu.

Adding ingredients to your recipe

  1. Click the cursor in the first box and start typing your first ingredient, as a list of ingredient start to appear, select the correct item. Your ingredients are grouped in lists.
  2. Enter the quantity of this ingredient used in this recipe. The costs will appear in the boxes on the right if you have entered them when creating the ingredient. (if not, you will have to enter the cost from the list ingredient page).
  3. Move on to the next box and repeat step 1 until all of the ingredients within that recipe including all its accompaniments and items included in the cooking process are included (don’t forget any cooking oils or condiments, etc.)
  4. Add Allergens – This is to be used when creating a recipe where you don’t list the ingredients, or if you are aware of possible cross contamination. Remember if you don’t know the allergens or you are guessing, this recipe will not meet the allergen legislation requirements.
  5. An ingredient I want is not listed – Create the ingredient by navigating to the ‘Create an ingredient’ page.
  6. Once you have listed your ingredients and allergens, either create your recipe or continue adding information into the other tabs.


Enter nutritional information for all of your ingredients and recipes to be displayed to users on the Kafoodle App.

You can add nutritional information for your recipe by entering the values in the provided fields. There are two ways to do this. Manually, or by using the Calculate button.

The Calculate button will only work if the ingredients that you have entered in the recipe contain nutritional information. You must also specify the quantity and unit of each ingredient for the calculation to work.

You can then select to view the values per 100g, or per serving if serving size has been specified.

Your cooked weight and batch size is calculated from the quantity of ingredients, but can be manually overwritten. Please note that the batch size value only includes ingredients added to the recipe using mass units (e.g. grams, pounds). If you have added ingredients using other units you would need to specify conversions for these so that the batch size is calculated more accurately. For more information on conversions, see Adding Ingredients.

Field Name Explanation
Drop down (values per 100g) From this drop down you can choose to calculate the nutritional values per 100g, or per serving (specified in serving size).
Recalculate If the ingredients you have entered in this recipe have nutritional values, clicking this button will total the nutritional values and display them in the appropriate boxes. Make sure you click ‘Recalculate’ after switching to view values per 100g or per serving.
Serving Size If you are creating a batch, but want to work out the nutritional values per serving, specify the serving weight here and select Values per serving from the drop down before selecting calculate.
Scale To Enter a value here to scale your recipe to a new amount of servings. Once entered, the ingredient values and prices will change, and the value you entered in this box will move over to servings. You can then enter a different value in this box to change it again.
Nutrition Fields You can enter the nutritional values for your recipe manually or they will be worked out as you add/remove ingredients.
Hyperlinks to USDA & McCance and Widdowson’s We have provided links to two different databases that you can search to find nutritional information you may be missing.

Please note: if you update nutritional values for an ingredient, the new values will not take effect in the recipes which use that ingredient. To update the nutritional values for a recipe which uses the updated ingredient, go to the recipe edit screen and on the ‘Ingredients and Allergens’ tab click ‘Recalculate’ to pull in the updated nutritional values. If a recipe uses a sub-recipe that has an updated ingredient, you must use the recalculate feature to update the sub-recipe nutritional values first, then recalculate for the main recipe.

Recipe cooked states

You can track changes in the recipe weight after cooking which can affect the nutritional values per serving, mainly due to changes in water content. Adjusting values here will automatically recalculate the nutritional values for the recipe.

Nutritional adjustments - Kafoodle Kitchen

Field Name Explanation
Weight before cooking This is an estimate which is automatically calculated based on the quantities of ingredients.
Weight loss/gain % Enter a value if you have this information – a plus (+) before a number will indicate weight gain and a minus (-) will indicate weight loss. If you’re not sure what to value to use, see the information on guideline values below. This value will automatically update based on the value you enter in the weight after cooking box.
Weight after cooking Enter the weight if you have this information. This data may be difficult to collect in which case you can try using the guideline values, described below. This value will automatically update based on the Weight loss/gain % value you enter.
Guideline values for recipe weight loss or gain Clicking this link will bring up a list of some common recipes and their percentage weight changes. Simply select a dish similar to yours and the appropriate weight loss/gain % value will be used to automatically re-calculate the nutritional values for your cooked recipe. This is particularly useful if you don’t hold any information on the weight of your recipes.

Recipe Scaling

Using the recipe scaling feature, you can calculate the required quantities of each ingredient in your recipe for a specified serving.


Enter the desired number of servings into the Scale To field. Click outside of the field and the ingredient quantities will update to show the scaled values. The value that you specified in the Scale To field will now display in the Servings field. You can perform this task again by entering a different value in the Scale To field. Note: Saving this recipe after scaling will maintain the values calculated. If you do not wish to save these new values, exit the recipe form without selecting save. Alternatively, consider cloning the recipe if you want to keep multiple variations. Note: Ingredients such as herbs, spices and salt do not scale well, so you may have to adjust these manually after conducting the recipe scale. In cases where you have used the units: Each or Clove, ensure a conversion is entered for that ingredient. If there is no conversion, the results will still display correctly but you will not be able to view the scale percentages (when available).


The formula used to produce these values has been taken from Baker’s Percentages. This formula simply multiplies the ingredient quantity by the scaling factor, identified by calculating the difference between the current serving size, and scaled size. However, by using Baker’s Percentages we also calculate the percent of each ingredient in relation to the main, or lead, ingredient. This information will be displayed in a future release, and can be used to aid scaling baked goods.

Gross Profit Calculator

You can now accurately cost out your recipes using our GP calculator. When adding your ingredients you can now work out a suggested selling price depending on your GP% or workout your actual GP%. All you need to know is the cost of your ingredients, your target GP and how many servings that recipe makes.

When adding your ingredients to your recipe, you have the option to use our GP calculator to accurately cost a recipe.

The GP calculator will determine the recipe cost by working out the total of your ingredient costs. If you have not entered these costs, or would like to use the GP calculator without entering ingredients, simply enter the recipe cost in manually.

If you have not set the default target GP% from the costs tab in edit site, you can set it here.

If you have not entered a default plate cost from the costs tab in edit site, you can also enter that here, or leave blank if not applicable.

Enter the amount of servings that this recipe creates. (Minimum of 1) and finally enter the actual selling price if applicable.

Once you have filled in the required fields, the GP calculator can then tell you; the suggested selling price, cost per serving, actual GP%, the GP variance and the profit variance.

Field Name Explanation
Recipe Cost This will display the total cost of your ingredients. If you have not entered the prices, fill this field in manually.
# Servings Enter the number of servings that this recipe makes. This will be auto filled if you have specified serving size.
Target GP% Enter the target GP% of this recipe. This may be specified at site level.
Plate Cost Enter a base cost of this plate if applicable. This may be specified at site level.
Cost Per Serving This field displays the cost per serving based on your values.
Actual GP% This field displays the actual GP which is affected by Actual Price.
Profit Variance This shows the profit variance which is affected by Actual Price.
Suggested Price This field will display a suggested price for this recipe based on your values and Target GP%.
Actual Price Enter the actual price of this recipe to calculate Actual GP%, Profit Variance and GP Variance.
GP Variance This field displays the GP Variance which is affected by Actual Price.
VAT Rate Enter the VAT Rate that is applicable to your region/country. This may be specified at site level.

Nested Recipes

Creating batch recipes in Kafoodle is simple. When creating a recipe you must assign it to a list. You can create and customise these lists in the manage lists page, covered in the Manage Lists section of this user guide.

Creating a batch recipe works exactly the same as creating a regular recipe, with costs, ingredients, allergens and nutrition attached.

Now, when creating your final recipes, you can browse not only your ingredients, but also your batch recipes.

Just like searching for ingredients, use the ingredient drop down box to find the batch that is used within this recipe.

Nested Recipes - Kafoodle Kitchen

If you have entered allergen and nutritional data for the batch recipe, this will now be pulled through into your final recipe.


From this tab enter the steps to create this dish and specify the servings, as well as what the recipe is served in and garnished with. You may also add chef tips and the chef’s name.

Method - Kafoodle Kitchen

Field Name Explanation
Chef Name Enter the name of the Chef who created this recipe.
Steps Here you may enter the steps required to create this recipe.
Drag Button Using the drag button, you can arrange the steps.
Minus Button This button will delete the corresponding step.
Add a step Create new steps to make your method easier to read and follow.
Served in Describe what your recipe is served in.
Garnish Add, if any, what garnishes are used in this recipe.
Chef Tips Add any chef tips to the method.


As well as specifying the HACCP for your site, you can also create specific HACCP for each recipe, as some recipes may require different preparation.

HACCP - Kafoodle Kitchen

Field Name Explanation
Select Default Values If you do not wish to use different HACCP you can select the predefined HACCP from your site, or use a generic HACCP.
Drop down box From the drop down box you can select a category to add to your HACCP sheet.
HACCP Text If you have selected default, this box will be filled in for you. If not, this is where you can create your own text.
Use Default By selecting default, the text box on the right will be filled with predefined data. If you leave this box unchecked you can create your own text.
Drag Button Use the drag button to arrange the boxes to your preference.
Minus Button This button will delete the attached box.
Add Section Add a new section to your HACCP.

Recipe Overview

This tab will show when editing the recipe. The recipe accumulates all of the information that you have entered and displays it in a printable form. This can then be used to create a full manual for your chef(s) to refer to.

Recipe Overview - Kafoodle Kitchen

The dish name, description, photo and reference are entered in the ‘details’ tab.

The ingredients, sub recipes, allergens, Qty/Units, nutrition and cost are entered in the ingredients and allergens tab. Click on the sub recipe name to view it.

The chef name, method steps, served in and garnish are entered in the method tab.

The HACCP information is entered in the HACCP tab.

Toggle the ‘shown’ sliders to hide a section. You can choose to hide Costs and Nutrition.

Below is an example of a printed Recipe Overview.

Printed Recipe Overview - Kafoodle Kitchen


From the history tab you can view the audit trail for this recipe. See what changes have been made, what date and time they occurred, and which user made the change.

History - Kafoodle Kitchen


Bulk Printing

To print multiple recipe spec sheets, navigate to the recipes screen. Once in recipes, first select the checkbox next to each recipe you want to print. This is located on the left-hand side next to the individual recipes.

Then click on the bulk edit button on the top right and select ‘bulk print’.



Bulk ingredient replacement

Replace ingredient with another in multiple recipes at once.


Firstly navigate to the recipes screen. There is a search bar called ‘contains ingredient’, type and search for  the ingredient you wish to replace here.

You will then be shown a list of recipes that contain that ingredient.

Select the checkbox for any (or all) of the recipes you wish to effect, by replacing the ingredient inside them. Then click the ‘bulk edit ‘button and select ‘replace ingredient’

You will be directed to search for /  add the ingredient that you want to replace the existing one with, then click ‘replace’ at the bottom.

You will be able to replace the ingredient in 10 recipes at a time.

Once the selected ingredient has been replaced in all recipes, you will get a pop-up box asking if you would like to permanently delete that ingredient.